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Drum Programming, Bespoke Sample Instrument Design and Live Drums/Percussion for Film & Television.

Kevin DePree
Kevin DePree Drumming


Based in Los Angeles, but originally from Holland, Michigan, Composer Kevin DePree (33) began his career in the music industry as a drummer, playing professionally by his teenage years.

DePree is renowned for having an ear for creating cool percussion effects in his music. He achieves this by constantly pushing the boundaries of sound, experimenting with unusual items to bring originality to every score. It is his unique ability to turn these unconventional concepts into delicate percussion rhythms, combined with his trademark heartbeat of driving drums, that gives his music a truly timeless, yet contemporary dimension.

A talented multi-instrument performer in his own right, DePree spent years honing his talent as a musician playing bass, keyboards, synths and guitars as well as his beloved drums while perfecting his craft as a composer.

In recent years DePree has worked with Emmy winning composer Sheridan Tongue as a session drummer, bass player, programmer and sound engineer with credits on Tongue’s soundtracks for Meerkat Manor: Rise of the Dynasty (BBC America, AMC+), Spotlight on The Troubles (BBC UK), Narco Wars (National Geographic) and Mavericks (PBS Montana).

Critical Moment is the title of DePree’s first solo trailer album with Position Music. Once again, percussion-oriented rhythms heavily influence this collection and he performs many of the key instruments himself, having acquired an eclectic and impressive collection of custom drums and unique percussion instruments during his career.

His time spent working in production music was where he learnt to develop his own musical style. He is a master at knowing just the right balance of technology to use in every track, whilst carving out space for human performance and collaborating with other artists to elevate his music to the next level with stunning effect.

DePree says: “What really excites me is finding a new sound or concept to add to a track to make it unique to my style. Playing live while programming my own custom sampled drums helps me create a modern sounding palette of drums and percussion that is key to my musical style.”

Recent Projects

Live percussion, experimental percussion, processed live percussion, and programmed percussion.

Meerkat Manor: Rise of the Dynasty

Meerkat Manor: Rise of the Dynasty
BBC America, AMC+

Spotlight on The Troubles: A Secret History

Spotlight on The Troubles: A Secret History
BBC One Northern Ireland

Narco Wars

Narco Wars
National Geographic

Mavericks PBS



Selected works from recent projects which include live percussion, experimental percussion, processed live percussion, and programmed percussion.

Kevin DePree · Live, Programmed, Processed, & Experimental Percussion Reel
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